ScMI provides prime and subcontractor personnel with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver best value supplies, services and data and reduce performance risk in the execution of publicly-funded contracts. Integrates certification standards with qualification standards.

The purpose of The Subcontract Management Institute (ScMI), a non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), is to:

  • Established and maintain the Global Standard for Subcontract Management Body of Knowledge (ScMBOK)
  • Develop and deliver Subcontract Management Certification Program (ScMCP) for Subcontract Managers (SCM) and Technical Representatives (TR)
  • Provide the contractor with knowledge, skills, competencies, tools and techniques to execute subcontracts more effectively, reduce performance risk and deliver value to company shareholders and taxpayers
  • Provide organizations and individuals the opportunity to become certified to enhance productivity, profitability and their value proposition.
  • Provide Certification only when candidate has demonstrated they are Qualified; combines online, classroom and experiential Training
Strategic Partners

Below is a list of our Strategic Partners who have contributed to ScMI The Federal Market Group (FMG) Provides consulting expertise and services in

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Code of Ethics

ScMI exists to establish and promote the global standard for subcontract management and administration in publicly funded contracting. To that end, Sc

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These are the people that help ScMI thrive

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Mission & Vision Statement

ScMI Vision The GLOBAL standard for subcontract management and administration in public contracting. ScMI Business Mission Definition Training and

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Our Trustees are composed of highly accomplished and distinguished leaders in their industries.

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Below is the list of our Officers

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