ScMI offers two types of Organizational Certifications

  • Certified Subcontract Management Organization (CScMO) – Mid to Large Size

    • Step 1. Organization Requests Certification

      Step 2. Subcontract Management & Administration Policies and Procedures Review by ScMI™. Meets FAR Part 44.101 Definitions
      a)“Approved purchasing system” means a contractor’s purchasing system that has been reviewed and approved in accordance with this part.

      b)“Contractor purchasing system review (CPSR)” means the complete evaluation of a contractor’s purchasing of material and services, subcontracting, and subcontract management from development of the requirement through completion of subcontract performance.

      c)“Subcontract” means any contract as defined in subpart 2.1 entered into by a subcontractor to furnish supplies or services for performance of a prime contract or a subcontract. It includes but is not limited to purchase orders, and changes and modifications to purchase orders.

      d)“Subcontractor” means any supplier, distributor, vendor, or firm that furnishes supplies or services to or for a prime contractor or another subcontractor.

      Step 3. Operational Earned Value Management System (EVMS) review. (Optional for Small and Medium Businesses)

      Step 4. Subcontract Management Personnel Certified by ScMI™.

      Step 5. Review by ScMI™ within six-month period following implementation of recommendations for best practices policies and procedures.

      Step 6. Certification Awarded (re-certification every 3 years)

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  • Certified Subcontract Management Organization (CScMO) – Small Business