ScMI offers Individual Certificates as well as Corporate Certifications

Why Certification in Subcontract Management for Corporate

  • Reduces Performance Risk
  • Enhances Profitability
  • Enhances Value Proposition
  • Facilitates Win Rates for Best Value Source Selections
  • Standardizes Key Personnel Criteria for Subcontract Management Personnel & Provides Career Path
  • Demonstrates Management Appreciation of the Personnel and the Function
  • Facilitates Contingency Contracting
  • Provides Community of Practice for Forum on Subcontracts Best Practice

Corporate Certificates

Why Individual Certification for Subcontract Manager and/or Technical Representative?

  • Subcontract Management is the second greatest risk in government contracting (failure of the using activity to properly define its requirements from the outset is #1, Packard Commission Report 1986);
  • Of the $400+ billion annually spent by the federal government on the acquisition of supplies, services and data, approximately 60-80% are expended with Subcontractors;
  • The U.S. Federal government does not enter into third-party agreements except when specified in the prime contract (i.e. 8A);
  • The Federal Government does not have Privity (no contractual relationship) with the Prime Contractors’ subcontractors;
  • Personnel with knowledge and skills in the subcontract management process are in great demand;
  • Your Certification demonstrates your qualifications in this professional area and will enhance your personal value proposition as well as your organization’s value proposition and profitability.

Individual Certificates